"Thrashing Heavy Metal"

(Pulverised Records 2008)Deceiver - Thrashing Heavy Metal

Well, there it is. Right in the title. In the interest of full disclosure, Deceiver have named their latest album “Thrashing Heavy Metal.” It does indeed contain ten tracks of thrashing heavy metal. No subtlety, no mystery, just straightforward marketing. Makes you wish more bands did this, doesn’t it? I can see it now: U2 – “Pretentious Songs Telling You How to Live,” Mötley Crüe – “Aging Rocker Cash Grab,” or Nickelback – “Music You Don’t Want to Listen To.” Yes, we can only hope that Deceiver have kicked off a grand new tradition in the world of music.

Besides having a name of unrivalled descriptive accuracy, “Thrashing Heavy Metal” is a bedrock-solid slab of straightforward thrash. Guitarist/vocalist Pete Flesh propels the album along with an unending supply of taut riffs, and squeezes every drop of desperate energy from his phlegm-and-gravel coated voice. Flesh, along with bassist Crille Lundin and drummer Flingan, have clearly thought about how to put songs together over the course of breaking up and reforming to make this album. The strength of “Thrashing Heavy Metal” lies in the way it, from opening trills to closing guitar staccato, never stagnates. Deceiver know how to mix up their game, alternating stripped-down aggression with melodicism, rocket fuel propelled speed with deliberate marches, and savagery with restraint.

The knock on “Thrashing Heavy Metal” is that, while consistently good, it lacks any truly anthemic songs. Every great thrash album has at least one, be it “Seek and Destroy,” “Dead Skin Mask,” “Peace Sells,” the list goes on. Deceiver have put together a clutch of tunes that, if not overwhelming, are good enough to warrant a spot in the thrash rotation.


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