"The Decline"

(Self-Released 2003)Decline - The Decline

It is refreshing to listen to a mostly female band that is not trying too hard to fit a certain mold. On their self-titled EP, The Decline avoids any set mold with a collection of 5 songs that range from the softer side of rock to the harder side. And it is with that variety and range that The Decline demonstrates what makes them interesting to listen to as each song progresses differently.

Starting off on a foot not completely unlike Lisa Loeb, "Wait" is a slow to mid tempo soft-ish song with a nice electric guitar solo. The edgier, harder and wannabe punk "Darlin Please" shows the potential the band have when they step out from behind acoustic guitars and just scream a few of their vocals. Returning to a sound closer to opener "Wait," "Just Me" adds in a tiny hint of country and folk influences. "U," the album's stand out track, takes the edge of "Darlin Please" but in a different way. Told in spoken word, the song's bitter tone is accentuated by the thumping drums and an understated electric guitar part that doesn't steal the attention away from the song as a whole as it ends. The Decline close their EP with "You Know," a well performed acoustic guitar ballad that has a certain charm to it.

Showing their strength in more than one style of music, The Decline's EP has a wide appeal. For fans who like their rock harder, "Darlin Please" and "U" are just for you while fans who want a softer rock that isn't straight folk rock will enjoy the three remaining tracks, "Wait," "Just Me," and "You Know." And the band has a special appeal to female fans who want to listen to rock performed by women.


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