(Thursday Morning Records 2002)

"Neurotica," the newest release from The Dent is full of great lyrics. In the title track, vocalist Mitchell Linker swiftly tells of the race that is the music industry over a pace that matches and gives the words dimension that match that of the world and industry. "How long can we rock, sing, groove, swoon and dance? / Just hold on, here comes the record company advance," he sings in a slower part of the song. In "Over You," a light pop/rock ballad, Linker shares thoughts of lost love and loneliness - "One spot, one hook, one bar, just hasn't worked so far / Perhaps it's all a gray sky line."

The opening track, "End of the World," is a melodic upbeat modern rock/pop radio friendly tune that is sure to catch you. Linker's voice, though on the soft side, could easily be pushed to the background by the music but instead they blend together nicely - neither commanding nor overdoing the other. The Dent's poppy modern sound shows nicely on the melodic "Neurotica" with its many great strengths lyrically, vocally and instrumentally, even if more than half of the release is slower ballad type songs.


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