Depeche Mode
"The Best of Depeche Mode, Volume 1"

(Reprise Records 2006)Depeche Mode - The Best of Depeche Mode, Volume 1

If you somehow opted out of adding Depeche Mode's albums to your collection when they first came out or, inconceivably, missed the band's two singles collections a few years back then there is a new best of album that you have no excuses for avoiding. In fact, feel free to skip reading the rest of the review to go make this essential purchase.

Just by looking at the titles of the eighteen songs which comprise this best of, even those who do not consider themselves fans of Depeche Mode will likely know half of the songs and be able to sing those choruses from memory. From the first stamping beats of the infectious and memorable "Personal Jesus" to the dramatic and dynamic "Master and Servant," the compilation runs the gamut as it samples from the albums that Depeche Mode have released in the last twenty-five years. The electronic pop sounds as fresh and crisp as ever as it twinkles on "Just Can't Get Enough" while "See You" is bouncy and bright. Also included are newer favorites like "Dream On" and "Precious" and classics like "Enjoy The Silence," "Everything Counts" and "Strangelove."

While the other version of this best of, which includes a DVD, might be of more interest to fans, this CD-only best of is a smart addition to any music library. As this best of is tagged as volume one, those procrastinating music fans will have another chance as, seemingly, another compilation will be issued. But why wait?


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