"Disc of the Damned"

(Siq Records 2009)Destroyah - Disc of the Damned

When you hear the name "Destroyah," what comes to mind? For me, I think Destroyah would be a metal band ready to raise hell with shredding guitar riffs and powerful vocals. Boy, was I wrong. Destroyah is, in fact, a single person: Kai Laigo. Under the guise of Destroyah, Laigo creates ‘80s-inspired dance pop music. Think Depeche Mode and envision a band of Martin Gore-inspired boa wearing musicians. Or, you know, not.

The opening track from "Disc of the Damned," "Everything" is a winner as its gentle but intense pulses pull you in as it offers a certain catchiness with the rhythm and the soft vocals. Similarly, instrumental track "Technocracy" keeps things interesting by working electric guitar into the mix. But after that, things seem to fall apart. The weak falsetto of "Get Your Love Together" and rhythmic delivery of "Stainless" sound more like lackluster karaoke. It's fact like this that make it genuinely hard to believe that the album wasn't made twenty-plus years ago.

In general, "Disc of the Damned" sounds flat and could use some beefing up: some instrumental or vocal layering instead of just more drum machine mechanics and vocals effects. With each step that Destroyah make, it's easy to understand Laigo's thought process and where he was headed. Unfortunately the result doesn't always match the intention. While there are some ideas there, the execution and the imagination just aren't.


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