"Push The Heart"

(Filter US Recordings 2006)Devics - Push The Heart

United States expatriates Dustin O'Halloran and Sara Lov may have already found success with their music in their adopted Italy and across the rest of Europe, but now the pair has returned to make a go of it in the States. It is a feat that should be a piece of cake when music fans get a listen of "Push The Heart." With O'Halloran's dynamic piano melodies and Lov's soft but commanding vocals, "Push The Heart" is an instant favorite.

Piano twinkles lightly on the slightly eerie "Lie To Me" as Lov bitingly dares a lover. Accordion mingles, cleverly, with the rhythmic clattering of a typewriter on "Secret Message to You" before the song swells to fullness. A beautiful and measured piano melody resonates as Lov's vocals add that extra emotion on the breathtaking "Salty Seas" while "Moments" harkens back to a classic sound that is executed cleanly and full of feeling. O'Halloran takes over lead vocal duties on the lighter, emotionally and instrumentally, "Song For a Sleeping Girl," and the brighter "If We Cannot See." Instrumentation finds a high point with "Just One Breath," pounding with a bit more edge and command than previous tracks on the album.

Devics push not only the heart but the envelope on "Push The Heart," stretching their music to the limit without breaking. O'Halloran and Lov seem ideally matched for their musical partnership, their parts blending together effortlessly and smartly. Devics have made their mark with "Push The Heart" and are surely a force to be reckoned with in 2006.


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