"We Are Dios"

(Buddyhead Records 2010)Dios - We Are Dios

You'd be hard-pressed not to hear the Brian Wilson influence on Dios' "We Are Dios." The soft, carefully orchestrated vocal harmonies over barely there music, reminiscent of the Beach Boys' later years, are almost too obvious. Then again Dios haven't coded their lyrics to offer directions to their houses. At least, I don't think so. The band's newest full-length release holds no punches as the band just experiment however they want and, here's the kicker, it still all makes sense.

When they're not embodying the essence of Wilson's melodies at the album's start with tracks like "Epileptic Tunnel Visions" and "Ojay," the band resemble something not terribly far off from the Dandy Warhols, circa 1997. Take, for example, "Stare At Wheel" and the memorably infectious "Toss My Cookies," the latter of which throws in a bridge where "baby" is repeated so many times you think the band is segueing into a Salt-N-Pepa cover. "No Is Wrong" sounds like Devendra Banhart jamming with Brian Wilson while "Don't Be Afraid" sounds like a lost Ween track with it's trippy vocal effects.

Dios are playful without being silly. They're meticulous without perfecting to the point where it's boring to listen to. They're a little different and yet a little familiar. You can take "We Are Dios" completely seriously without feeling like it's too pretentious or over the top.


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