Dirt Mall

(Daykamp Records 2010)Dirt Mall - Pacifuego

Just when you thought rock was being forgotten by the masses, Dirt Mall pop up with "Pacifuego." Dirt Mall are into rock ‘n' roll. You can clearly hear the influence that classic rock has had on their sound. And there certainly isn't anything wrong with that! Chances are if you're into rock, then Dirt Mall probably have a lot of the same records in their collective record collection that you do. But that isn't to say their sound is retro. Dirt Mall have modernized their rock sound with the best of them. (And here's betting that you'll be sharing even more records with a post-1980 release date in common with the band.)

If there's one thing Dirt Mall have down it's being upbeat. For seemingly the entirety of "Pacifuego" the Boston-based band are delivering high energy rock. "I Am The One And Only" is edgy and bouncy, the repeated riff snapping back solidly every time while "Standing In The Road" has a garage rock sound to it. Elsewhere the speedy "What Now?" is infectious, its quick rhythm and repetitive chorus offering a ‘60s rock moment.

Dirt Mall's second full-length album, "Pacifuego" is pure rock. It's easy to hear that Dirt Mall aren't adopting a façade or putting on a show. The jumping rock with some boogie in its step is just how Dirt Mall do it. The band doesn't do anything over the top or crazy, making "Pacifuego" simple, uncomplicated and straightforward.


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