Dirty Harry
"Songs from the Edge"

(A Wolf At Your Door 2007)Dirty Harry - Songs from the Edge

With a pissed off rock 'n' roll look and mussed blonde locks, Dirty Harry's adopted name is more likely to bring to mind Blondie's Debbie Harry than Clint Eastwood's legendary films. Regardless, Harry is the London transplant living in Los Angeles who has sung for the likes of Tommy Lee and been photographed by Mick Rock. Her latest album, "Songs from the Edge," is an edgy rock album that offers a sweet side and a pop spin without selling out.

From the first moments of "Songs from the Edge," Harry sets the tone. "All my friends are sluts and junkies behaving badly like a bunch of monkeys," she sings on the catchy hard rock opening track "Frayed at the Edges." Full, gritty instrumentation propels "Dirty Boys & Girls" with its falsetto flair while a thick buzzing guitar sound gives some weight to "Stepping Stone." A bouncing riff set with Harry's squealing vocals makes "Takes One To Know One" a more pop driven song while, similarly, sweet vocals reveal not so sweet lyrics on the dreamy "Do You Remember Those Days?" as she sings of "the smokes, the coke, those pretty girls."

She might look and sound sweet, but there is a certain vitriol to Harry's music that she reveals at her whim. Harry gives it away with memorable lyrics and guitar licks that are both familiar enough to pull you in and also edgy enough to catch your ear. With her versatile vocals and solid, charging guitars, Dirty Harry's "Songs from the Edge" is post-grunge that will likely have a wide appeal with its tight rhythms and vocal hooks.