Dirty On Purpose
"Hallelujah Sirens"

(North Street Records 2006)Dirty On Purpose - Hallelujah Sirens

The debut full-length from Dirty On Purpose does these New Yorkers' name plenty of justice. "Hallelujah Sirens" is a thoughtfully pieced together album that intentionally muddies its sound from time to time with whining and buzzing guitars. Dirty On Purpose have found that balance between atmospheric music and noise rock that translates into melodic ballads.

Dirty On Purpose are always tweaking, always refining their sound. Each song goes through different stages and intensities. Like on "Light Pollution," where a chiming melody pushes itself through buzzing guitar and pounding drums before Dirty On Purpose lighten the mood by withdrawing some of the percussion, and "No Radio," as horns mingle with gritty guitar and quiet vocals are barely there while the song progresses to pop rock. Quick pattering drums keep the airy melody of "Your Summer Dresses" from flying away while, in stark contrast, "Monument" is a squeaking, echoing instrumental that builds with the eager anticipation of each note. Vocals are still hanging on by a thread, quietly sighing on the smooth and rich ballad "Lake Effect."

Turning, always turning, Dirty On Purpose bring "Hallelujah Sirens" into focus like a kaleidoscope: you may not know what you will hear next but in the grand scheme of things, it all makes sense. Dirty On Purpose execute their smooth ballads with feeling while still shaking things up a bit. The result is "Hallelujah Sirens," an album of reflection and careful consideration.


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