Division Day
"Beartrap Island"

(Eenie Meenie Records 2007)Division Day - Beartrap Island

After weeks of teasing fans with regular postings of cover songs and remixes on websites across the Internet -- PlugInMusic.com included -- along with pieces of a map, Division Day are finally here. While all that hype had little to do with their actual album, it certainly has gotten attention for this LA quartet. The focus for "Beartrap Island" changes things up by abandoning remixing and old favorites in favor of sweeping melodies and textured instrumentation.

Division Day pull out the stops early, taking control and speeding ahead on "Ricky," the twitching guitar riff bringing to mind Link Wray's squealing riff from "Run Chicken Run," while "Catch Your Death" and "To the Woods" continue the upbeat rush with pounding drums. Soft and dreamy, "Hurricane" offers smooth vocals as a gentle echoing melody sets the pace for "Dayenu." While the choppier guitar and drums of "Lights Out" rambles loosely while still finding its way, it is the sharp twang of banjo that punctuates the free flowing "Hand to the Sound."

Does "Beartrap Island" live up to the expectations? It depends. Music fans looking for the band to recreate songs you already love with cover versions or remix tracks into fresh and flashy versions may likely be let down. But what Division Day offer on "Beartrap Island" is an original direction that the teasers only hinted at. "Beartrap Island" works as a whole and never needs a break as it finds its way while careening by.


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