Division Day

(Dangerbird Records 2009)Division Day - Visitation

Dodge ball has become somewhat of an American folklore in the past decade or two; a game against the norm of your typical sport. It has achieved success because of its difference from the traditional, in addition to its creativity. Where else would dodging a physical assault be a winning technique?! Well, four-piece group Division Day answers that question; it does for popular music what dodge ball has done for high schools everywhere: slightly alter an already-appreciated pastime into something new and exciting!

Fuzzy drumbeat blurs its way into the melancholy vocals of Rohner Segnitz and Seb Bailey, where Thom Yorke-like howls lay on top of grandiose percussive rock beats and chugging guitars on "Reservoir." The harmonial moans of these gentlemen carry over into "Malachite," as cymbals crash and the steady beat of the snare and tambourine combine for a blustery mix of art rock landscapes. "Surrender" takes on an avant garde style complete with computerized shakers and distorted vocals breaking in the distance behind the mountainous cracks of gritty snare drum. Had enough? Enter saxophone in "Carrier;" the perfect addition to music dabbling into the unknown; a worthy challenge of popular music.

Lacking in pop substance does become an issue at times with "Visitation," degrading the disc's overall ability to captivate the listener. But redemption manages to ensue in the catchy piano intros of "Black Crow" and abrupt kick drum hellos of "Devil Light." Amongst its competitors in the realm of popular music, it stands its own.

The overall sensation of "Visitation" can best be understood through your own ear canals; shape-shifting its way into and out of pop consciousness and foot-tapping beats. Far from standout, but worth a listen indeed. Division Day is the dodge ball of pop, the change of pace from the everyday mundane. The time has come to pick a team, folks - the game is about to begin.


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