DLGZ Rock 5tet
"New Tricks For Old Dogs"

(Pourquoi Faire Simple Records 2009)DLGZ Rock 5tet - New Tricks For Old Dogs

The debut album from Lille, France's DLGZ Rock 5tet is atmospheric, textured and carefully executed. "New Tricks For Old Dogs" has the spacey electronics of what is easily considered modern music and it also has the jaunty instrumental jams of progressive rock that will go on until the band's damn well ready to end them and not a minute sooner. With ten tracks and an hour-long playtime, settle in and get comfortable because once DLGZ Rock 5tet get started on "New Tricks For Old Dogs," you're not going to be going anywhere.

The lightness of the electronics makes DLGZ's music simply float while, in comparison, the rhythm section is plugging away and keeping things firmly tethered to the ground. Take, for example, "Never Good Enough" which skips along on the shifting rhythm as clear, solemn vocals soar overhead with a memorable melody. The sound builds in intensity on "Hurry," the spacey sound now heavier and more concentrated as the jamming band builds momentum over ten furious minutes.

DLGZ Rock 5tet lays it all on the line with "New Tricks For Old Dogs." But there's still something mysterious about this French band and their debut album. The band makes good on their album's name by putting a twist on the classic Yes prog rock sound that will likely appeal to fans of electronic, ambient and even indie and lo-fi music. DLGZ Rock 5tet's "New Tricks For Old Dogs" plays effortlessly and easily as it takes you back in time and doesn't make any attempt to hide its prominent influences.


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