Donita Sparks And The Stellar Moments

(SparksFly Records 2008)Donita Sparks And The Stellar Moments - Transmiticate

For some people, things never change. For others, improvement comes easily with age. Eight years after the break-up of L7, the band's former front woman Donita Sparks is pulling a Joan Jett sort of career rebirth, bringing music to life and still doing things her way, with her new album "Transmiticate." A slightly cleaner, more polished take on the sound you might be used to hearing from her, Sparks pumps noticeable melodies into the middle of muddy guitar riffs without giving too much up.

Sparks seems to know that she will catch more flies with honey than with vinegar on "Transmiticate." She offers a relatively dainty melody on "Creampuff," bass and guitar riffs digging in to offer the otherwise light song some weight while on "Curtains For Cathy" Sparks offers commentary to a gentle pop rock sound. Elsewhere she buries the uplifting melody of "Fly Feather Fly" under thick, buzzing bass and guitars swirl lazily on "Headcheck." Sparks really comes out of her shell and struts her stuff on the rhythmic "Dare Dare" amidst a big, over the top chorus and on the vibrating sound of "He's Got The Honey," her vocals simply dripping off her tongue.

Sparks shows off a multifaceted sound on "Transmiticate" that knows how to rock hard but knows how to take a breather and chill to dreamy, spacey melodies. She quickly shows off that she still has the stuff to make a rock album but that she is not taking this too seriously. "Transmiticate" has fun and a conscious.


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