"Inner El Camino"

(Self-Released 2007)Dont\'s - Inner El Camino

San Francisco band The Dont's keep things interesting on their sophomore release, "Inner El Camino." From track to track, the quartet is constantly fine tuning their sound. For half of the album, they adopt a Fugazi-like demeanor with light songs where unembellished guitar melodies echo out. Elsewhere on "Inner El Camino" The Dont's fancy themselves experimental with jazzy songs that incorporate horns and full instrumentation.

The Dont's step out the most with "Throwing It All Away" as they maintain a reserved sound that is still quick moving and memorable while the stamping beat of "Blahblahblah" offers an attitude and a reverberating guitar melody. Similarly "Measure Up" sets the tone with a pulsing guitar riff and shrieking vocals before the spoken word of "Tapping." The band takes the scenic route and show off some style on "Worldview" while offering a note of anticipation with a lightly bouncy rhythm and horn accented instrumentation. For "I Get Back Up," the band offer a fuller sound that covers more ground as the soft song gently grows and offers more than simply a nice melody.

Like a well driven car, The Dont's has some false starts and stops throughout "Inner El Camino." When they get their momentum going after a few strong tracks, the band seem to stop in their tracks or make an odd turn that sends listeners for a loop. It is difficult to figure out just where The Dont's are trying to go and what awaits us when we get there.


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