Dora Flood
"We Live Now"

(Elephant Stone Records 2007)Dora Flood - We Live Now

After the weightless swirling melodies and electronic accents on Dora Flood's last album, "Highlands," the newest album from the band is like a new beginning, a new chapter in Dora Flood's musical progression. Retaining those memorable melodies, Dora Flood make "We Live Now" into a psychedelic shoegazer album that has edge and depth that varies throughout. Dora Flood make it is easy to get swept up in to the action.

Buzzing and fluid instrumentation remains light and bouncy on "Phoenix Rising," as it gets stuck in your head with an infectious air. A slightly darker melody pulls "Feels Like Yesterday" out its surroundings with a feel of danger and excitement. Elsewhere on "Everywhere We Go," Dora Flood offer riff driven psych pop while the smooth melody of "Humble High" sails gently by before temporarily branching off into a chugging interlude. Frontman Michael Padilla's falsetto vocals add a new dimension to tracks like the rigid driving riff contrasting the dreamy melody on "Atlantis" while "Faith and Deviation" takes a loose and edgy approach that ends with an instrumental jam session.

Full, rich instrumentation dominates Dora Flood's "We Live Now," the band's sixth album. The result is that no matter what choices Dora Flood makes, the result always maintains a certain level of quality. But for "We Live Now," Dora Flood does more than just go through the motions. Light pop melodies backed with occasional heaviness, Dora Flood make "We Live Now" into a memorable listen that is always changing and blending itself into something new.


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