Double Negatives
"Demo EP"

(Self-Released 2003)

Blending an up beat, pop-driven sound with guitar rock, The Double Negatives can not help but come off as likable. But do they come off as memorable? That is a different story. On their demo, The Double Negatives do their best to reel you in with their fun style and catchy melodies.

"Press rewind before it gets worse," Greg Richardson, the band's singer and guitarist, proclaims on opening track "Live in Reverse," a bouncy pop rock song. The quick drums and, comparatively, slow instrumentation on "Bitch First" has stronger vocals and a fun, danceable rhythm. The Double Negatives display a soft edge on "I Feel Hot" while still managing to keep a melodic chorus. More up tempo with a catchy beat, "Transfer on the Wire" closes the demo with a decent guitar solo.

Although The Double Negatives' four songs could use to stand apart from one another more, they are delivered with confidence. Likable and fun, The Double Negatives keep the balance between instrumentation and vocals on their demo. And add some fun, as well.