(Self-Released 2003)Drip - Demo

You cannot really blame The Drip for, intentional or not, sounding like The Stooges. After all, it is The Stooges. But does the Chicago-based band sound too much like Iggy and his Detroit comrades in rock? Sound-alike moments are easily picked out and identified as you listen to The Drip's demo album. Imitation is considered flattery and even those unimpressed by their effort have to agree that The Drip have a knack for flattery.

Lead vocals almost get swallowed up in the quick moving instrumentation on "Take a Ride" while "Gotta Get Loose" thrashes and bangs. "Baby, you've got the lunch," The Drip sing like a chant on the driving rock of "Lunchbox." The Drip get in your face, the music pumping and thumping as a warning, on "Said it Once" before the band virtually repeat the song on the following track, "Lucky Duster." The bouncing rhythm of "Gigi" draws you in as "Cigarette" sneers and races by haphazardly.

One thing is clear, The Drip know how to rock and they know how to roll. The band's "Demo" is a collection of ten songs that come right at you with their catchy rhythms and punk rock attitude. While The Drip might be highly influenced by The Stooges, the band also manages to work some of their punk influences into their music that adds that extra oomph to their music. With some minor technical tweaks and some songs that keep the band's attitude and energy but distant them a bit from their influences, The Drip will have it made.