drivin by
"drivin by EP"

(Standstill Records 2002)drivin by - drivin by EP

drivin by have just the right amount of pop punk in their music -- the instrumentation is well executed and with just enough pop in some of their riffs to get your attention -- without being a mindless bubblegum pop punk band. The band's self-titled EP contains four of their songs plus a "bonus" acoustic track tacked on to the end of the fourth and final track.

For the entirety of their release, drivin by don't really seem to stop and as one song quickly follows another, none of them seem to be lacking in energy. With "Breaking," the band's mostly indistinguishable vocals get strangled by the music before the staccato guitar solo kicks in and then the music picks up speed for the catchy "Drown." But with "Capsized," the band offer a variety of elements that mesh together, making the pop punk guitar line slightly less obvious, and create a fuller sound that is still well blended. The slower "Plague" gets soft for harmonized vocals and, finally, reconstructs itself but the sound isn't as hard as on previous tracks. The final track, an unlisted acoustic, is included so close to the end of "Plagued," you wonder if they're one song or two. The acoustic track, a nice addition to the EP, is performed well and, mixed with the now audible and understandable vocals produces a nice result.

Luckily, boredom is not something that this EP inspires. Making changes throughout their songs, drivin by rarely seem to go from the beginning to the end by simply repeating the same sounds over and over. And if anything, that keeps it interesting. The band get points for trying to create decent lyrics, as opposed to simple novelty lines, but that can improve with time. With the high energy, drivin by's EP is sure to intrigue some.