drivin by
"Tell All EP"

(Self-Released 2004)

While there may have been suggestions of pop punk before, Drivin By now banishes that thought. Full of powerful and tight instrumentation, Drivin By's EP is hard hitting rock and hardcore. Drivin By are seldom showing any of their limitations as they drive forward with vigorous rhythms and, maybe even, surprise you with their well rounded EP.

Quick thrashing instrumentation, drums assaulting non-stop, opens "Tell All." Putting the focus more specifically on the instrumentation, electric guitar accents "Idiosyncrasies" as Nick O. and Matt, as on all the tracks, share lead vocal duty. More intense with less of an upbeat sound, "Given the Moment" pulls your attention to drummer Nick D.'s strength. Combining the melodic parts of the guitar and the bass together on the slower, darker sounding verses, "From Righteous to Weary" then creates a gritty chorus that builds up a wall of instrumental music.

A full fifteen minutes, Drivin By do not give you a moment to stop and think as they keep the action going. It is Drivin By's strong instrumentation, in which the vocals seem almost embedded, that makes the band stand out.