Drop Scene
"*Black Heart"

(Devil’s Tattoo Records 2004)Drop Scene - *Black Heart

Philly quartet The Drop Scene want to let it all hang out. On "*Black Heart," they pound their instruments, producing catchy tunes. Despite their admirable attempt, the major weakness of Drop Scene's songs tend be their lack of variation overall, with the tendency towards either being slow ballads or quick stepping tunes with gritty guitars. But rock was founded on three chords structures and Drop Scene play tight rock on "*Black Heart."

Instead of the gently blended style, The Drop Scene let you hear each instrument for a more traditional rock 'n' roll approach to their modern sound. Guitars buzz and cymbals crash on "One Fluid Moment" and the quick driving "Goodbye" rocks with harmonica. Borrowing The (International) Noise Conspiracy's steady, in your face vocal delivery, "Crush" comes right at you with pounding drums and a catchy guitar riff while bass takes the spotlight on the riff happy "Vultures." "Barfly" waltzes with "Seventh Day" for slower moments that let tongue-in-cheek vocals take the focus and guitars slide on the low key "XXX Peep Show." The Drop Scene grab the wheel and put their foot on the gas as "Ghetto Holly Golightly" and "Yoko Ono" speed by, each with a memorable chorus.

The Drop Scene get things off on the right foot with "*Black Heart" and show enough potential to keep your interest. "*Black Heart" is no frills rock that is what it is, and makes no apologies and has no regrets. And while it might be black, Drop Scene show that their music clearly has heart.


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