"Skit I Allt"

(Mexican Summer 2010)Dungen - Skit I Allt

Somewhere in the mist between progressive rock and psychedelic rock, you can find Swedish band Dungen. Formerly the studio project and product of Gustav Ejstes, Dungen has now branched out and has a full band to kick out their jazzy jams. On the band's sixth full-length release, entitled "Skit I Allt," which apparently translates to "Fuck All," Dungen are full of smooth melodies and mature sounds.

Much of "Skit I Allt" is friendly and warm, progressive and jazzy. From the title track to the swelling strings and melodic chorus of "Min Anda Van" to the gentle and likable "Nasta Sommar," the tracks are smooth and sweet. But when Dungen turn things up a bit, the music gets far more interesting. "Hogdalstoppen" starts with a dramatic flair and a thicker guitar sound before, halfway through, going psychedelic with snarling electric guitar. Meanwhile the album's opening track, "Vara Snabb," is a textured instrumental with smooth woodwinds for a very jazz sounding result.

While Sweden might be known in music circles for pumping out the smooth sounds of indie pop these days, Dungen take that stereotype and turn it on its ear. "Skit I Allt" is interesting and engaging, taking music genres that are decidedly '70s and updating them without fully stripping what's really defining about their aesthetic. If anything, it might be too old sounding for some listeners -- those who don't realize where their modern music is coming from.


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