(MVD Visual 2006)Dwarves - FEFU

It was pretty safe to assume that a video for a song called "Fuck Eat And Fuck You Up" by the Dwarves was not going to get much television air time -- not on basic cable anyhow. So the Dwarves upped the ante by including the Suicide Girls, sans clothes. The result is the "FEFU" DVD which includes not only the video and a behind the scenes of the video shoot but also live videos of the band from over ten years ago and other extras.

So little body hair -- at least on the girls and, of course, He Who Cannot Be Named -- and so much music video. For a punk rock music video, "FEFU" has it all as the naked SuicideGirls, covered in blood and soap, roll around together and push and shove the band. The behind the scenes video of the shoot includes introductions with some of the ladies and some candid interviews. When Blag Dahlia sings "I'm getting an A in anatomy" one can only wonder if he had enough foresight to envision this video.

If anything is to be learned from watching the old videos of the Dwarves it is that if everything does not fall apart by the end of the performance, it might very well be considered a failure. The band throws punches in New York City and at various other performances while their SXSW performance wrecks the stage. Also included are various skits and two interviews. The first, from 1995, is a challenging interview with a unwilling Dwarves where they amusingly announce that they are "the artistic version of Nirvana" while the second, from 2005, sees a much quieter Dahlia being interviewed by two giggling Dutch women.

A lengthy DVD, "FEFU" will provide you more Dwarves than you ever thought possible. While the music video is the obvious feature, the additional extras are nice features that allow you to see now and then moments of the band although none of the video footage will be winning any cinematography awards.


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