(Exile On Mainstream 2007)Dÿse - Dÿse

Open up a metal magazine and chances are most of the bands you see are suckling from the teat of Isis, At the Gates, or Slayer. Any band willing to venture out from under the umbrella of the musical trends du jour deserves a little tip of the cap. So bands can still get points for originality, but originality can only go so far. I mean, technically the XFL was original, and we all know how well that worked out.

Unfortunately, there is a reason Dÿse doesn't sound like most other metal bands. Most (non-doom) bands try to get more than twelve riffs onto an eight-song record. Seriously, these cats must have gotten really enamored with the riffs they wrote because most of these songs, like "Der Mann Aus Gold," are basically the same riff played over and over with varying degrees of volume, distortion, or palm muting. That wouldn't be such a big deal if the guitar tones didn't sound like a cacophony of automobiles: you might think you're listening to an eighteen wheeler trying to turn over, a sorry old Neon trying to climb a hill, or any number of sounds coming out of those beaters that ought to be taken out behind the shed and shot. The drums are a little too Korn and the vocals, which are in German, are kinda tolerable, sort of, I guess.

There are flashes of quality here, like the all too brief bit of hard rock goodness in "monstermann," but these are slim pickings and suffocated by more of the same recycled riffs. While an honest attempt at trying something different, "Dÿse" will in no way drive you "MENTAL HELL NUTS CRAZY," as their bio curiously claims. Some experiments end up producing new and exciting things; some experiments just turn the high school chem lab into a fiery disaster.


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