Eagles of Death Metal
"Heart On"

(Downtown 2008)Eagles of Death Metal - Heart On

It's hard to believe that the Eagles of Death Metal are on their third full-length release. What started off as a cheeky collaboration for Jesse Hughes and a Queens of the Stone Age's Josh Homme has brought to life some damn catchy tunes, a fact that's obviously common knowledge to the advertising industry judging by their love for the band. For their newest album, "Heart On," the duo keeps the party going but this time, the routine's getting a little old and tiresome.

EODM are slinky and sleazy while slightly cheesy on tracks like "High Voltage" and the album's title track. All bets are off, however, when Hughes unexpectedly goes soft for "Now I'm a Fool" and lets down his jail-bait-loving, love-'em-and-leave-'em bad boy facade. Homme steps out from the drums and up to the mic on "I'm Your Torpedo," the pounding drums and twangy electric guitar offering a suggestion of what the album could have been. Elsewhere, tracks like "Anything 'cept the truth" and "(I Used To Couldn't Dance) Tight Pants" deliver the electric licks you're expecting.

Half of "Heart On" relies too heavily on a foundation of Rolling Stones riffs and chords while the other half just piles it all on, just like too much make-up on a relatively pretty girl. But the thing is that, just like the girl, the Eagles of Death Metal don't need all the extra "enhancements" which just end up being distracting. "Heart On" isn't as memorable or as clever as its predecessors but the Eagles of Death Metal pack as much dirty talking falsetto vocals and toe-tapping rhythms in as possible.


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