"Where the Future Ends"

(XS Records 2002)Echocast - Where the Future Ends

Echocast's "Where The Future Ends" has everything you would expect from the mixture of post grunge and metal acts that have influenced today's hard rock. Churning and crunching riffs, thumping bass intros and a unique voice. These guys have obviously been paying attention to the rock scene through the past decade.

With a strong opening in "Four Words," Echocast follow the general hard rock structure, including a memorable hook in "Afraid of dying/On a holiday," a mellower part that builds back up, and, of course, a catchy melody. Heavy drums and screeching guitars on "Ignite" combined the vocals of the band's lead singer, David Mast, create a song that, aside from some guitar and vocal intensiveness, could easily be mistaken for a song by Ours. The band fall back to a more mainstream sound (if you can call it that) on "Freezer Burn," with its mildly annoying riff, and the familiar sounding, "Cancer." "Stay," meanwhile, soars by on power chords.

"Wasted Me" suggests, again, the band were heavily influenced by Jimmy Gnecco and his band, Ours, as does "Downstairs" before the chorus comes in. The quieter sing-song lull of "Catch Your Breathe" offers a strong pick up to the chorus while the band show more of an edge on "Rearview" and a brooding heaviness on "Redline" as Mast sings "Now I'll follow/What I'm searching for/Will never leave me like you did/Forward forever forward." Blending a clockwork sound into the album's untitled final track, the band offer a musically lighter song and a more tender but still bitter side -- "Tonight my soul is opened up/Your arms around me comfort/This dream of you is strong enough/Be still my heart its bleeding/Don't ever fall in love again."

While a few tracks on the album are not the most unique and do not always hold your interest, over all the band demonstrate that they know how to make good hard rock songs. By avoiding some of the hard rock clichés, the band can show their range of the hardest hard rock to the softer acoustic side.


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