"End Of Times"

(Vagrant Records 2010)Eels - End Of Times

Eels are the brainchild of ‘E,' son of legendary scientist Dr Hugh Everett 111 who perhaps was most famous for developing the ‘alternate worlds' theory. The band has always been critical darlings but have had varying success in the charts though they are very successful in parts of Europe. "End of Times" is the eighth album released by Eels since they formed way back in 1995.

The album itself is quite good. The acoustic songs are excellent; however the ‘electric' tracks are rather disappointing. "Unhinged" for instance sounds like it lasts for about ten minutes whereas in reality it clocks in at about two minute and the vocals do not match the song at all. The other let downs are the ‘experimental' tracks "High and Lonesome" and "Apple Trees" which are obviously filler. "High and Lonesome" is a minute and a half of the same chords played repeatedly with lightning put in for absolutely no reason. The reason these songs are such a disappointment is that ‘E' is such a gifted and talented songwriter that his abilities seem wasted on these pointless tracks.

Now to the acoustic songs that show that when ‘E' is at the top of the game, he's able to challenge legendary songwriters like Bob Dylan and Lennon/McCartney. "Nowadays" is a highlight, the song describes a man trying to be a better person and the vocals convey the heart-founded message perfectly. The highlight of the album by many miles is the lead single "A Line in the Dirt" which is amazing. It's a contender for best song of the year. ‘E' sings the chorus in a falsetto which provides a change from his usually gruff vocals. The song is a sudden surprise on the album and instantly negates all the lackluster tracks. Tracks worth listening to, such as "I Need a Mother" and "End Times," are good it's just they pale in comparison to "A Line in the Dirt."

So ‘E' had created an enjoyable and solid album. If it weren't for the ‘electric' and ‘experimental' tracks it would have easily been the best album of the year so far. Still, it's still worth checking out and fans of ‘E' won't be disappointed.


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