Eerie Von
"Bad Dream No. 13"

(Ghastly Records 2008)Eerie Von - Bad Dream No. 13

"Bad Dream No. 13" is former Samhain/Danzig bassist Eerie Von's third solo album. Fans of The Misfits and Danzig may enjoy the macabre subject matter, but this is not a punk rock album. However, the album does sound very old school. Some of the drums on the album may sound like they're made on a drum machine, but in doing research on this, I found that all instruments are played live. The mechanical production is fitting for the raw feel of this album.

From the get-go of this record, you may liken it to taking a trip to a New Orleans mortuary, and you're not just visiting. Maybe you're the undertaker. Or even the recently departed. The gloom in Eerie's voice on the opening track, "A Cage, Is A Cage," sets the morbid tone for the album. Then you're led right into the creeping, shaky beat and funeral organs of "The Bone Drone." At several points on the album you may hear an upbeat tempo or two, but those will usually quickly give way to the ever recurring slower ones.

If you're ready for a bleak, shadowy tour into Eerie Von's bad dream, all aboard. Not recommended for those already depressed. This might just make it worse. Give it a spin if you're writing a rip-off of an Anne Rice novel, this could be an inspiration.


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