Electric Soft Parade
"No Need To Be Down-Hearted"

(Better Looking Records 2007)Electric Soft Parade - No Need To Be Down-Hearted

UK indie rockers Electric Soft Parade can not seem to stop tweaking and tuning their most recent release, "No Need To Be Down-Hearted." The former Mercury Music Prize nominees have returned with an album that practically floats by with its light and airy sound. But things never seem to remain as they at first seem and Electric Soft Parade want to do it all and just can not seem to make up their minds.

Quiet ballads like the duet between vocals and piano on "No Need To Be Down-Hearted (Part 1)" and "Secrets," with its softly blended vocal harmonies, always build into something more and something bigger. The Electric Soft Parade shows off a bit of a cabaret meets lounge side with the upbeat and bouncy "Cold World" and "Life In The Back-Seat." Meanwhile on "Woken By A Kiss" the band jump back and forth between a buzzing, gritty guitar sound and a dreamy romantic sound, all tied together with a dark keyboard melody. On "If That's The Case, Then I Don't Know," Electric Soft Parade seemingly use all the electronic bells and whistles that they have available to accent the catchy hook while drawing you in.

With "No Need To Be Down-Hearted," the band's soft sound blends almost seamlessly with the gentle vocals for a light and effortless result that often has some bounce in its step. The Electric Soft Parade wants to make something important. But sometimes they just try too hard, unhappy to let a beautiful piano melody be just that, a beautiful piano melody.


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