Electric Turn To Me
"Clouds Move So Fast"

(No Quarter Records 2003)Electric Turn To Me - Clouds Move So Fast

Similar to a less camp B-52's, Electric Turn To Me's electronic/new wave meets rock sound on their "Clouds Move So Fast" EP is both retro kitsch and modern as they do not rely solely on keyboards, guitars or vocals. Singer and guitar player Silke's vocals are lively with both shrieks and whispers, and work well complimenting the band's instrumentation throughout "Clouds Move So Fast."

Electric Turn To Me open their EP strongly with the up tempo and engaging "Pick Up The Trail," a song which starts quiet and quickly builds to a wall of sound built by keyboard, drum rolls and a nonstop guitar riff as Silke's voice almost competes at times to be in the foreground. Slowing down, "Cornelius" offers a more melodic side of the EP as an understated keyboard line drifts in and out. The darker sounding verses and repetitive instrumentation of the paranoid "20 Eyes In The Car" is catchy with its puzzle piece-like structure -- put together, the combination of quieter verses, shrieking choruses and added whispering make sense. Meanwhile, the vocals and instrumental effects on "Wrestle With Me Angel" offer a nice change in pace and break things up a bit and let the instrumentation lead, as opposed to the vocals, without getting overly complex or exaggerated. The band offers a mellow come down with "One Second," one that seems ill-fitted for the final slot. Somewhat retro, "One Second" has a guitar line lurking beneath the vocals that adds texture to their layered sound.

Both interesting and enjoyable, "Clouds Move So Fast" may not be the most consistently original, as electronic inspired bands seem to be flourishing as of today, but it still grabs your attention with each play as "Pick Up The Trail" enters and offers something a little something you can not find elsewhere. Additionally, the order of the tracks could have been more thought out as the band seems to play their best card first. With that said, "Clouds Move So Fast" is dynamic, moving and changing throughout and holding your attention.