"The Black Magic Show"

(Kemado Records/Hollywood Records 2006)Elefant - The Black Magic Show

Shedding the Strokes-like sound and persona that resonated on their debut full-length, "Sun Light Makes Me Paranoid," Elefant have returned to follow it up with "The Black Magic Show." Elefant step out on "The Black Magic Show," showing the many dimensions of the band and offering what the band are swearing is "the definitive Elefant record."

With a "Sgt. Pepper's" type start, Elefant get to work with the light melodies and crashing cymbals of "Black Magic Show (Introducing)." Singer Diego Garcia will not be rushed; on "Sirens" he lets his words linger over the twinkling and quick instrumentation while the thumping hook riff of "Lolita" is unavoidably catchy, reeling you in before gently bringing you back down to the ground with "The Clown," whose electronic melody quickly pulses amidst gentle instrumentation. Drum machines punctuate "Uh Oh Hello" with a clap as the upbeat song bounces infectiously along and the delicate melody of "Why" continues with a soaring chorus. On "My Apology," drum rolls add texture to the chorus as Garcia croons away: "you're killing me with your love."

The magic of production turns Elefant's "The Black Magic Show" into a pristine sounding album with every note in its proper place and everything well planned. Although Elefant lose some momentum towards the end with similar sounding songs that miss the mark set by the album's previous tracks, they do offer some notable moments that are not only likable but thoughtful. In the end, Elefant put up the good fight and prove they are not going anywhere anytime soon.


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