El Presidente
"El Presidente"

(B 2006)El Presidente - El Presidente

Putting a disco flair and modern twist on the sound of glam legends like T. Rex, El Presidente have come up with a fluid, fun sound that is full of boogie and falsetto vocals. The United Kingdom-based band are dynamic and dramatic as they keep the party going throughout every track of the band's self-titled debut full-length release.

Marc Bolan's spirit seems to still be with us as it comes through vividly on tracks like the fun and funky "100 MPH" and on the bouncing, full instrumentation of "Without You." El Presidente borrows from the past for a familiar, relaxed sound on the pumping disco of "Rocket" before showing a different side with the lighter sounds of "I Didn't Really" and "Old Times." Elsewhere, the band hold nothing back with the over the top flair of "If You Say You Love Me," "Honey," and the riff-driven "Hanging Around." But it is on tracks like "Keep On Walking," with guitar riffs propelling the rhythmic song, that El Presidente show what they can really do as they control and harness their enthusiasm.

It is a disco inspired flashback with El Presidente, complete with repetitive lyrics and sounds to drive the feeling home. El Presidente's self-titled debut album is full of undeniable energy and instantly memorable songs that you could not ignore even if you wanted.


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