Emerald Down

(Honest In Secret 2002)Emerald Down - Aquarium

Aptly titled "Aquarium," the sound of The Emerald Down on their latest EP seems custom made for its own world. The band's mellow but still serious and involved instrumentation mixed with dreamy vocals create a sound that reminds of new age but has too much edge to let rock be forgotten.

Opening with a light and airy sound, "Henry Miller" mixes twinkling instrumentation with somewhat heavier percussion. Slower, "Acid" keeps a steady rhythm while offering a more mellow side. The Emerald Down sounds somewhat darker on "Stars," which is opened by bass along with some spacey instrumentation, before returning to their mellow side on the more upbeat sounding "Tide." Closing their EP similarly to how they began, "Sometimes The Sun Shines" sounds as instrumentally upbeat as the title suggests and invokes a similar mental picture.

With their combination of instrumentation - driving percussion behind the light vocals - The Emerald Down creates their sound that skirts the line between rock and new age. Guitarist/vocalists Rebecca Basye and Erik Kang's combination of vocals are not the focus point of the EP as they seem to be just part of the sound-scape that The Emerald Down is painting. And they take up the whole canvas with their weightless sound.