E.T. Doolin
"E. T. Doolin"

(Merry Records 2003)E.T. Doolin - E. T. Doolin

E. T. Doolin rolls through classic rock 'n' roll style songs like a jukebox. Offering a country swagger one moment and a soft, intimate ballad style the next, Doolin's tracks are independent of one another but mostly cohesive together. Adding his unassuming style, Doolin's self-titled album does not feel outdated.

Doolin retains the innocent feel of the music asking "Why do you remind me of someone?" on the melodic Beatlesy song of the same name. Upbeat, clear poppy songs like "I Don't Want What I Need" and "Jane" remember the clean cut early 60s. Trying his hand at ballads, "Down, Down" builds gently as "A Lie" patters with a soft rhythm and tone. "Waiting For The Night" catches your ear with its toe tapping beat and "Come On, Hannah" sends you swinging to electric guitar licks and Doolin's layered harmonies.

Like most of the musicians that probably influenced him, Doolin comes across as another nice guy. The self-titled album avoids taking many chances but keeps with its theme throughout. Doolin's ready to sing through your stereo speakers at your next sock hop.


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