Ether Net
"More Strange Bruises"

(Requisite Recordings 2002)

Last time it was "why should we wait to feel this good?" now "there's another way." While it has only been two years since Ether Net's last full-length album, the band has obviously changed their mentality and developed an enriched, fuller sound. This "enriched, fuller sound" is displayed on their eight-song album "More Strange Bruises" with haunting and catchy guitar riffs mixed with sexy bass lines ("Chicago"), eerie instrumentals ("Wildebeest"), and the surprisingly (and marvelously) dark, border-line industrial song "Skyscraper Soul" (perhaps they've been hanging out with Placebo too much?).

Vocalist Robert Cherry's clever and smart lyrics reflect a bit more pain this time yet still retaining their charm: reincarnating disco only to be flattened by it ("Disco Crush"), and the sincere deconstruction of an ex - "you can't keep cutting these flowers and shove them back into the ground" -- in "Medical Waste." With a little vocal distortion here and there, "Shine You Down" adds texture and gives an already interesting song that Ether Net stamp. But in nearly every song it is Ether Net drummer, Brent Gemmill, who claims your attention with his powerhouse drumming which never exceeds what is needed. Gemmill's excellent drumming is highlighted in "The Exit Song" and the album closer "Ghosts," in which Cherry pleads "stay with me...we're both better than this...please believe me...there's another way."