Ether Net
"The Requisite Chemicals"

(Requisite Recordings 2000)

When you listen to Cleveland-based band Ether Net's album "The Requisite Chemicals," you don't believe it's an independently released album -- it has been produced too well. The release, which features ten original tracks by the band, is an honest, sexy, and occasionally an almost haunting mix of songs. From the rolling, drum-driven "The Next 10 Words" to the piano-driven "Your Problems Equal Privilege," Ether Net exercise their instrumental proficiency. From "Affection," in which Ether Net guitarist and vocalist Robert Cherry says he "doesn't mean to disappoint but I often do," (he couldn't be more wrong, by the way) to the honest vocals of "We're Wrong" in which Cherry "shouldn't need anything but you," the first half of the album are songs with catchy hooks and lyrics which get stuck in your head. At "Charisma Deficit," the mood changes, momentarily, and Ether Net returns to a guitar-driven tune which is more aggressive than earlier songs and almost doesn't fit it. The final tracks on the album return to the nearly melancholy mood of some previous tracks and drags just slightly. Ether Net aren't trying to sound like anyone else; their sound is unique and original. The songs on their album flow together nicely, making it feel like each song is a puzzle piece. "Why should we wait to feel this good?" asks Cherry in the title track -- why indeed?