(Dangerbird Records 2007)Eulogies - Eulogies

It is no secret that Peter Walker has a knack for crafting soft and dreamy indie rock tunes. But with his new band, Eulogies, Walker raises the bar. While wistful tracks edge by slowly throughout the album, quick moving tracks with buzzing guitar licks and even handclaps also make appearances. It is a loose and calm yet still seductive dance with the devil on Eulogies' self-titled debut.

Walker's heartfelt crooning helps set the melancholy tone on "One Man" before the chugging instrumentation, handclaps and soaring vocal harmony of "Life Boat" changes things up. Even ballads like "If I Knew You" retain some edge while "Compromise" floats gently on a soft melody. "So I deny, deny, deny," Walker sings on the catchy and upbeat "Under the Knife" before taking a break on the dreamy and reflective "Can't Relate Reprise." Eulogies put a darker spin on tracks like the solid "Little Davie," with its low and slow approach, and "Big Eyes," with a bass riff thumping below the snapping drum machine and resonating guitar melody, while "Blizzard Ape" creeps by amidst echoing instrumentation.

Eulogies are likable. So much so that you will want them to do something mean or risky just to mess with their melancholy songs. Who knows, the result might challenge the band in a different way. As it is, the band's self-titled debut is an understated album that steps out into the spotlight briefly before crawling back into its hole. But the shyness is not necessary as Eulogies are ready.


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