Ever We Fall
"We Are But Human"

(Hopeless Records 2006)Ever We Fall - We Are But Human

Once upon a time, Portland emo and indie rockers Ever We Fall were a quartet. However, somewhere along the way that changed. But judging by the band's debut full-length album, "We Are But Human," the bass-less trio are not hurting any from the loss of a band member. Ever We Fall make a strong impression on "We Are Human" with the soaring power of guitar melodies and smooth, understated vocal harmonies.

The weightless melodies soar easily and smoothly as "Youth Like Tigers" and the pounding intensity on "No Sleep For Dreaming" pull you into "We Are But Human" with a sound of optimism buried underneath the instrumentation. Elsewhere guitar riffs rhythmically drive the melody of "Bring Em' In Billy" and "G." Ever We Fall showcase their strengths with a long instrumental ending on the quiet and gloomy "No Words To Describe." "We smoke the smokes just for cancer/And stay up late just to dance erratically," vocalist Adam Brazie chants with exuberance on the quick moving and catchy "State Bird: The Mosquito." Guitars get gritty as percussion speeds, the two coming together for a fluid and solid result on "Great Day For An Airstrike" before the band take a bit of a side trip with the atmospheric experimentation on "Evacuate!"

Without being coming across as too whiny or too over the top, Ever We Fall makes a place for themselves with "We Are But Human." Borrowing just enough from their musical peers, Ever We Fall are sure to gain interest from the new generation of fans of the recently reincarnated Headbangers Ball as they balance understated melodies with aggressive riffs.


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