Evil Beaver
"In The Spirit Of Resilient Optimism"

(E. Lago Entertainment Group 2007)Evil Beaver - In The Spirit Of Resilient Optimism

Evie Evil and her band Evil Beaver have returned. While Evil Beaver's last EP, "Models of Virtue," boasted the drumming of former Queens of the Stone Age and current Eagles of Death Metal drummer Gene Trautmann, the band's new EP, "In The Spirit of Resilient Optimism" takes a similar but separate approach. Backed this time by Jonny Beav, Evil Beaver comes out swinging with memorable hard edged riffs.

Shooting straight from the hip, Evil Beaver make "Hands of Fate" into a chugging hard rock tune where bass riffs grab your attention before the effective minimalism of the rhythmic "Honey Pump" buzzes while continually changing dynamics. Amidst a gentler melody, "Night Dreamer" takes a break from the action for a spacey interlude before the bright and bouncy "Happy All The Time" quickly races by. "Cracked" falls into the middle, as low key melodic verses soar into thick, heavy riffs. Not ready to give up just yet, Evil Beaver offer one last hard rocking tune with "Young Coconut" as riffs spiral behind Evil's light vocals.

Evil Beaver pick up just where they left off. "In The Spirit of Resilient Optimism" extends the hard rocking sound that dominated "Models of Virtue" but puts an extra bit of fun into it. With bass used like an electric guitar, Evil Beaver have a special card up their sleeves that gives them a sound that helps them to stand out. Evil Beaver make good on their title's promise on "In The Spirit of Resilient Optimism."


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