Evil Beaver
"Models of Virtue"

(E. Lago Entertainment Group 2006)Evil Beaver - Models of Virtue

Evil Beaver frontwoman and bass player Evie Evil has a rotating list of drummers that play for Evil Beaver. But for the band's recent EP "Models of Virtue," former Queens of the Stone Age drummer and current Eagles of Death Metal drummer Gene Trautmann sits in for the fun. With four tracks, Evil Beaver's bass and drums mix go straight from low to high with a rock and roll edge that is not too polished and their familiar and repetitive melodies that are instantly memorable.

A singsong melody intertwines itself with hard rock riffs on "Believin' Deceivin'." Evil's vocals are confident and fun on "Under The Gun" as the gritty tune's bass line slides up and down for a feel good boogie. The band's cover of The Stooges' "I Wanna Be Your Dog" can only be described as an odd inclusion to the EP as it dabbles in electronics and abandons the aggressive sound of the original for a more danceable version. The aggression comes forward, however, on the darker sounds of "Cherry Master" as Evil Beaver pound out their sexual frustration.

With a Lemmy Kilmister-like bass style to mix with Trautmann's rock drumming, no one can accuse Evil Beaver of not rocking hard enough. Evil Beaver's "Models of Virtue" thumps and bumps in all the right places and with its familiar feeling it is sure to be a CD you will have on repeat.


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