"Home For An Island"

(Wind-Up Records 2005)Exit - Home For An Island

Blending a little island reggae feel into their rock sound, The Exit want to party it up. But they also want to take breaks for political messages on their sophomore album, "Home For An Island." With relaxed melodies powered by smooth grooves, The Exit come across with their memorable tunes that are sure to make you sway along.

Strong beats bring out the fragile vocals and melody of "Don't Push" as it meanders all over, soaring pop one moment and a soft ballad the next. Quick pounding tracks like "Let's Go To Haiti," "Tell Me All Again" and "Pressure Cooker" hit harder and heavier with their upbeat tempos. Rhythm drives "Back To The Rebels" while the vocals of "Home For An Island," as its intensity builds, reminds of a slightly beefier Sting. The Exit wade into the waters of recent politics with "Warm Summer Days." Stripped down ballads "Soldier" and "Darlin" offer impressive moments, placing the focus on smooth, strong vocals as harmonica and guitar accompany. Similarly, steel drums make an appearance on the light and airy "So Leave Then."

The Exit make "Home For An Island" an extremely likable album albeit not groundbreaking. Having already been released on a different label with a slightly different track listing in 2004, "Home For An Island" seems more suited for today's current musical climate than ever before. The Exit's mix of rock and reggae is smooth and melodic enough to be pop and hard enough to be rock.


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