Eyes Set To Kill
"The World Outside"

(BreakSilence Recordings 2009)Eyes Set To Kill - The World Outside

Ever get the feeling, when listening to a band's latest album, they're shamelessly preaching to the choir? That they're making music solely for the people who were going to listen to their music no matter what, and that the band has no interest in pushing themselves musically, or even satisfying their own creative urges? Well, you'll find no better example than "The World Outside," the latest from Arizona's Eyes Set to Kill. This is straight off the assembly line, no power windows or AC metalcore. With female vocals. That's it. I could almost skip straight to the grade right now, but that's not what my editor makes me cupcakes for, so let's get to it, yes?

For their sophomore effort, Eyes Set to Kill took a trip to the Musical Ideas Emporium, found the metalcore aisle, and started putting crap into their cart. Singy/screamy vocals, pseudo-breakdowns, keyboards, ultra melodic choruses and predictable song structure, it's all tossed in there. They're not the top of line brands, and they're kinda cheap, but they taste okay and are filling enough. The band manages to make an edible gruel, at least. There are song parts here and there that are catchy enough to hum for a day or two, and Alexia Rodriguez offers a welcome change of pace from the usual crybaby male vocals. The keyboards are mercifully unobtrusive, but this only leads keyboardist Brandon Anderson to justify his place in the band. He manages this with painful gruff vocals that come across as an overenthusiastic child on Screamo Emo Karaoke Night.

Ultimately all "The World Outside" really brings to the table are some pretty good female vocals, and the rest is just rehashed genre tropes. Eyes Set to Kill weren't really interested in expanding their sound on this album, and resorted to exploring territory already well picked over. The only thing cool and original is the faded LP design of the cover art. That just isn't going to get it done.


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