Faber Drive
"Seven Second Surgery"

(Universal Republic Records 2007)Faber Drive - Seven Second Surgery

The road to a major label deal was a short one for Faber Drive. After winning a battle of the bands on their local radio station last year, the band got help with "Seven Second Surgery" from Nickelback's Chad Kroeger, producer Brian Howes and Nickelback producer Joey Moi. Next thing you know, Faber Drive's touring with MxPx, Hedley and, surprise surprise, Nickelback. Not bad for a band that formed only three short years ago. It is one of those one in a million stories that you hear from time to time.

A power pop album that brings to mind pop punk bands like New Found Glory, Faber Drive seem focused on issues of adolescence. On "Sex And Love," their radio winning track, the band preach against meaningless sex. The band champion individuality and not passing judgment based on appearance on the glossy "Obvious" then keep the dream alive while getting cautiously political with the be-all-you-can-be inspirational message of "You'll Make It." Ballads like "Tongue Tied" and "Sleepless Nights (Never Let Her Go)" offer semi-romantic moments over softer melodies that still remain edgy as quick guitars match the anticipation of the lyrics on "Killin' Me."

For "Seven Second Surgery," Faber Drive is on cruise control. The band just grabs their instruments and pound through their songs without much variation or thought to their initial middle of the road power pop sound. While the Vancouver quartet may have youth, energy and some musical ability on their side not even that can turn "Seven Second Surgery" into something distinctive.


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