Ferraby Lionheart
"Catch The Brass Ring"

(Nettwerk Records 2007)Ferraby Lionheart - Catch The Brass Ring

Ferraby Lionheart makes a big sound on "Catch The Brass Ring." What might otherwise be considered outdated or unfashionable becomes toe-tapping and refreshing with Lionheart as his instrumentation and songs continually change things up and offer little surprises. With a lush blend of folk and indie, Lionheart's understated melodies and thoughtful lyrics come together to create sometime simple and utterly likable on "Catch The Brass Ring."

While it would be slightly misleading to refer to "Catch The Brass Ring" as serious, Lionheart keeps a mostly somber demeanor about him at all times. The smooth piano ballad of "Call Me the Sea" comes together with the light and endearing "Un Ballo Della Luna," with its echoing recording that makes it sound like a lost recording from decades ago. But the facade is dropped for "Before We're Dead" as a New Orleans style band marches in and loosens the mood and starts the party while the delicate "Small Planet" is breezy with a twinkling music box melody. Lionheart brings fellow crooning minstrel Devendra Banhart to mind throughout the album in terms of style and substance. Never more do the two musicians sound like one than on Lionheart's "Under the Texas Sky."

Lionheart puts "Catch The Brass Ring" together as a collection, and taken as a whole, the album flows effortlessly from start to finish while still leaving you wanting more. From Los Angeles to Nashville and back to LA, the music seems to reflect Lionheart's real life travels as he dabbles in folk and indie rock without really seeming to fit into either category. And maybe that is the secret. The simple fact that "Catch The Brass Ring" is hard to categorize makes it that much more enjoyable.


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