Fetish Chicken
"Volume = Talent"

(Self-Released 2006)

New Hampshire hard rock meets metal band Fetish Chicken start their album "Volume = Talent" by spilling their guts, going over the top and holding nothing back as they offer an assault on your ears. The band then spends the remaining tracks picking up the pieces and cleaning up the mess they made. Slowly but surely, by the end of "Volume = Talent," Fetish Chicken have not only toned their aggression down, but also focused their collective energy.

If you are with them, you are with them from the beginning. Fetish Chicken dabbles in experimentation and metal as "New Mexico" builds with furiously pounding drums and heavy instrumentation throughout the track's more than seven minutes. A slow but still deep cutting guitar riff makes "I'm Not Fooled" into a memorable moment before Fetish Chicken borrows, quite blatantly, from Led Zeppelin on the riff driven hard rock of "Baby (You're My Baby [Baby])." Elsewhere, the band offer a few last moments hinting at dissension on the edgy "Tradition Is Strangulation" and the hard rocking "Obvious, Is It Not?," where drums are pummeled and guitar swoops into the action. The remaining tracks show a reserved and careful side of the band, such as on "Soul Taxi" and "The Origin Of Glue."

Fetish Chicken stretch their wings and try to fly on "Volume = Talent" by drawing out the album from being more than just a hard rock album. Instead, they try to make it into one that borders on the epic. While they might fall a bit short of those grand expectations, they certainly put up a noteworthy fight. Tight instrumentation helps to make the album as the thick guitar riffs and endlessly pounding drums will keep you listening -- and so will Fetish Chicken's choices which are largely unexpected.