The Films

(Filter US Recordings 2005)The Films - The-Films

The Films' debut single -- or EP, depending on whether you listen to the band or the label -- sure is effective. The band, who started out in Denver, Colorado, has abandoned their snowy hometown for the sunny climates of Charleston, South Carolina. Perhaps it is that change in location that has maintained the relaxed but energetic feel that "The-Films" possess from track to track.

Light pop glides like around, like waltzing ballroom dancers, on "That Kind Of Day," bringing a catchy power pop chorus into the fold. Hand clapping leads the feel good tone of "Black Shoes" as the song gently bounces along. Somewhat more sedate, a guitar melody comes shining through on "Come On," taking a more Beach Boys sounding approach as gentle vocal harmonies and pounding tambourine accent the song.

With a likable rock meets pop sound that is likely to either immediately interest you or be more of a guilty pleasure, The Films' maxi-single is a promising offering, making the band one to watch in 2006. Here is hoping that when the band releases a full length recording it is just as well rounded as "The-Films" and takes a slightly more aggressive stance to grab listeners.