"Plan Your Get Away"

(Immortal Records 2006)Finals - Plan Your Get Away

With a poppy twist on Jimmy Eat World's guitar rock, The Finals debut full-length release, "Plan Your Get Away" is well written and well performed. Each of the songs, driven by guitar riff and vocals, offers something a little different from the track before it. Produced by Midtown's Heath Saraceno, The Finals' bring their music and come out full force as they try to make their mark upon music fans.

The Finals let you know early on what to expect. High energy and power pop show The Finals' strength on tracks like "Right Here, Right Now," "Life As A Car," and the aggressive "Extended Autumn." Elsewhere melodic pop mingles with rock for an upbeat, feel good sound on "They'll Never Know." The band put some bounce into their riffs for the Police-like harmonies of the calmer "We Don't Care" and the plain sounding "It's Always Something." The Finals place all of their remaining energy into the more interesting sounds of the album's final track, "Black Market Babies," on which the band carefully control their dynamics before shrieking guitar riffs cut through the building instrumentation of the chorus for a nice effect.

Throughout "Plan Your Get Away," The Finals stand strong and stay focused. But they remain too much in the middle of the road, offering few deviations from their original songs and style. The Finals' album is fun but in the end, it is a bit too predictable and "Play Your Get Away" just might get them caught.


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