Fionn Regan
"The End of History"

(Lost Highway 2007)Fionn Regan - The End of History

In mid-July, Irishman Fionn Regan gained a somewhat surprise nomination for 2007's Mercury Music Awards with his album "The End of History." Does Regan's debut effort deserve to be up against albums by big named acts such as Klaxons, Amy Winehouse and Arctic Monkeys? The answer is a resounding yes.

Parallels can be drawn between Regan's style and that of fellow Irish singer-songwriter Damian Rice, however "The End of History" highlights Fionn to be the greater of the two talents, part-gentle muse and part-hippy tinged folkster; noticeably on "Hey Rabbit" a song that is lyrically closer to American-Venezuelan maestro Devendra Banhart than any run-of-the-mill radio friendly unit shifting indie-wannabe.

Whereas other singer-songwriters would settle for twelve twee songs that inevitably end up sounding the same, Regan has insured his album takes the listener on a varied musical journey that reaches new directions and enviably new heights.

Blues legend Robert Johnson supposedly sold his soul to the devil with the desire to master his guitar, Regan has probably just pilfered a pot of gold from an unsuspecting leprechaun, the result being such that he has crafted a near perfect indie-folk album which is home to vocals so sweet that they sound as if they've been dipped in honey.

Ireland has long been a hotbed for great talent and no more so is that true as now, with acts such as Simple Kid, the Jane Bradfords and Junior Johnson highlighting exactly how diverse the Irish music scene is at the moment.

Put simply, there isn't a dull moment within these twelve tracks, opener "Be Good Or Be Gone" is a beautiful example of the quieter side to Regan, whilst "Black Water Child" is a more up tempo full band effort that shows the perfectly eclectic balance to "The End of History."

Although Fionn Regan probably won't win this year's Mercury Award, the very fact that he gained a nomination ahead of the likes of Jarvis Cocker speaks volumes and stands him in very good stead for the future.


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