Floating City
"Entering A Contest"

(First Flight Records 2005)Floating City - Entering A Contest

Pattering percussion adds a rough texture to Floating City's "Entering A Contest" while the remaining instrumentation is smooth and gentle. Indie rock loiters and takes its time with Floating City, blending classical sounding melodies performed on acoustic guitars and strings with quick pulsing keyboards. The instrumental choices and combinations that Floating City make push "Entering A Contest" forward, challenging the Missouri-based band as they bring you to a certain point but never overdo it musically.

Evolving and changing as it goes, "Oh, Laughing Girl Upon the Brinke of Death!" starts as a ticking, pulsing instrumental with a spacey and atmospheric feel that makes an about face as the rich sound of strings build up to a swoon. Lead vocalist Gareth Schumacher sounds never more like a more reserved rock version of Rufus Wainwright than when he croons on "You Are A Weapon," as keyboards lightly accenting the background, and "On My Guard," where a soft song whose smooth instrumentation keeps things interesting. Floating City quickly segue from one song to another as the full pounding of "Smooth Cobra Future" sets up for the piano led "Our Graves are Cold" that dabbles in experimentation before the band offers a edgier and rougher sound on "Where You Are."

Keeping a bit of humor -- the thirteenth track entitled "60 sec blank" is to be taken quite literally -- The Floating City avoid being too stuffy or serious on "Entering A Contest." The band's sound is somewhat unpredictable; you do not expect huge crashing instrumentation but you can expect some changes mid song to keep things flowing at a comfortable pace. "Entering A Contest" showcases Floating City with thoughtful lyrics and smooth melodies.


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