Fooled By April
"Fooled By April"

(Self-Released 2002)Fooled By April - Fooled By April

With many of today's bands, they can't help but remind you of other musicians. A good band mixes all their influences along with their own original ideas and creates music completely unique. But that's much easier said than done. On their debut self-titled EP, Fooled By April are a mix of influences and times when you think "Hey, they sound like..."

Starting off laid back, "Nobody Knows" features those easy-no-rough-edges type of vocals. A rather radio-friendly song, radio-unfriendly people will hate to admit they kind of like it. "Nobody Knows" serves as a great opener, making you wonder what the rest of the EP will sound like. Stepping up the tempo, Fooled By April try to rock (complete with the opening count in of "2, 3, 4") on "Don't Want You Around." Doing their Strokes with Jack White on vocals impression, the song is more than enough to get you dancing and singing along, yet still relatively safe. Closing the EP, singer Gordon opens "Come In, Chicago" pondering: "How did I know that you never went to art school?/Well maybe I could tell cause your painting was so good." The final track is, tempo-wise, between "Nobody Knows" and "Don't Want You Around" but still catchy enough to keep your attention. Reminiscent of the one hit wonder The Buggles' "Video Killed The Radio Star," Fooled By April add in a syncopated "oh-oh-oh" and distorted background vocals on "Come In, Chicago."

Judging by these three tracks, which is difficult to do, the band have started off right. Maybe too close in sound for some fans, Fooled By April have a clean sound with their just catchy enough tunes that could attract a wide audience if they don't follow The Buggles too closely. Fooled By April are ideal for young women who don't think the Goo Goo Dolls rock enough and that The Strokes need new jeans without holes.